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I hope you enjoyed our hangman game.

A little bit about us

A history of the Brain teasers Network: Brainteasers originated as an extension of a fascination with word and number puzzles. Working from an extensive library, and re-working many puzzles, the original Brain teasers Network was born. With it’s popularity growing, it was expanded to include an email newsletter, “Brainteaser-a-day”, which was a hit. After only 3 years in existence, Brainteasers was averaging 2500 hits a day, and the newsletter went out to 15,000 recipients every day. However, as is often the case, other things came up, and the Brain teasers Network dissolved. Now, after a 4 year hiatus, the second Brainteasers Network is up and running.

A history of the Brainteasers Network’s creator: Brainteasers is the creation of Brent Guild, father of 4, husband, brother, son and all-around good-guy. Brent has worked in the computer field for most of his adult life (20+ years), with minor detours along the way. These detours have included such things as farming and delivering milk, but usually have included computers in some fashion, including running Victoria’s (then) largest BBS, and recently owing a computer store. Brent has always enjoyed puzzles of all sorts, and enjoys sharing them with others.

The future of Brainteasers: The changes in the computing field since the inception of the original Brain teasers Network have made many thing possible that were only dreams back then. Some of the things that my come to the new Brainteasers Network might include: New Hangman Categories, Jigsaw Puzzles, Crosswords, Cross Sums, Cryptograms and Math Mazes.

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